1. Medium Voltage Switchgear  

Alstom medium volatage switchgear unit is located in Kolkata and manufactures MV switchgear panels incorporating vaccum circuit breakers for rating from 12KV, 3150A, 44KA & 24/36KV, 1250A, 25KA.
Vaccum Contractor
Outdoor porcelain clad VCB suitable upto 12KV (PCOB 15) and 36KV (PCOB 36).
Single / Double interrupter loco VCB (20 CB & 22CB).
Metal clad outdoor structure mounted VCB upto 36KV 2000A.
Services, retrofit and AMC's for MV brekers upto 11KV.
Annual maintenance contract (AMC) for switchgear and substation upto- 36KV.

2. Protective Relays  
  Schneider EM Relays
ANS Nos.
Alstom / Areva Equivalent Relays
For prices please send us an enquiry at bipinkumar@vsnl.com
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